Champagne André Heucq

Why André Heucq?

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Why André Heucq?

Our Brand: Champagne André Heucq

We used to be Heucq Père & Fils, but from now on we'll be André
Heucq, as a tribute to the founder, as well as to the current winemaker.
"André Heucq" affirms history and our winegrowing reality.

The brush-written "H" emphasizes manual work and
craftsmanship on our domain.
By evoking a "4", he is also alluding to the 4 elements that make up our universe.
surround :

Earth - Fire - Water - Air

"Nature" and "Terroir" frame a moon and assert what is most important to us.
that drives us every day: to be as close as possible to our terroir while
respecting nature. The moon marks our attention to
cycles for our work in the vineyard and the winery.


  • Héritage
    These are our historic champagnes, inherited from our great-grandfather, and which have evolved over time and through the generations.
  • Parcel tribute
    It's an ode to the land and our vineyards, giving us the opportunity to extract an exceptional cuvée from a single plot, a single grape variety and a single year.
  • Histoires
    These are cuvées from our wine library. Aged exclusively in barrel, in very small volumes, they are the memory of our house.
  • The Coteaux Champenois
    These are red wines made from old vines with low yields, harvested late to benefit from a high concentration of aromas.

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