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Terroir of Cuisles

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Terroir of Cuisles

Cuisles is a small village with 150 inhabitants in the heart of the Marne valley, the "terroir du Meunier". Reviewing Champagne terroirs

Usually, in the Marne valley, the soils are "simple" clay-limestone. The green illite clay layer is unique to Cuisles and two surrounding villages. Illite clay; this is the clay used in cosmetics and beauty products. This type of clay is very rich in nutrientsAnd it's precisely within this layer of green clay that the Cuisles vines take root!

Since green clay retains water better than chalky soils, this type of soil needs less water than classic clay-limestone soils. Generally speaking, the Marne Valley is far from being spared from downpours. This is where Cuisles' position in the hollow of the valley plays a fundamental role: showers are much less frequent, so soil and climate are in perfect alchemy for optimum ripening of the Meunier.

So, with this unique combination of soil and climateChampagne de Cuisles can truly be described as a terroirThe Meuniers, more than elsewhere, have great minerality and excellent ageing potential.

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