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Our philosophy

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Our philosophy


"Biodynamics is much more than a viticultural practice, it's a philosophy.

Vineyard grassing & horse ploughing. The aim here is to reactivate the soil's microbial life.

Use of dynamized horn dung & horn silica with rainwater

Use of natural herbal teas in line with moon phases (to replace chemical products)


The "500" horn dung preparation is obtained by fermenting good quality cow dung in the soil over the winter, which has been introduced into cow horns. This preparation is aimed at the soil and plant roots. Its name comes from the fact that it contains over 500 million bacteria per gram!

  • It is a powerful soil structure builder,
  • It promotes microbial activity and humus formation,
  • It regulates soil pH by increasing that of acid soils and reducing that of alkaline soils,
  • It stimulates seed germination, the general growth of the root system and especially its vertical development towards depth,
  • It increases legume development and nodule formation,
  • It helps dissolve mineral formations in soils, even at depth (alios), and can help combat salinization phenomena.


An essential preparation for biodynamic agriculture, it is complementary to and acts in polarity with horn dung (500). It is not aimed at the soil, but at the aerial part of plants during their vegetative period. It can be said to be a kind of "light spray", which can promote vegetative vigor or, on the contrary, attenuate excessive luxuriance. It brings a luminous (crystalline) quality to plants, and reduces their tendency to disease. Not only does it reinforce the effects of sunlight, it also enables a better relationship with the cosmic periphery, with the entire cosmos. This preparation is essential for the internal structuring and development of plants. It promotes vertical plant growth. It makes plants firmer and more supple. It increases the quality and resistance of leaf and fruit epidermis.


Reactivating the vine's self-defence mechanism
To have quality grapes To do away with the use of chemicals
Use very low doses of copper & sulfur
Production that respects the environment and biodiversity


The Meunier part,
terroir of Cuisles &
of the Marne Valley
Sublimate it in 
exceptional cuvées

Vinification in Burgundian füts
Meursault barrels - 
second pass
The aim is to obtain a light woodiness that sublimates 
the Meunier of Cuisles

Stapling and aging 
exceptional cuvées under cork

Switch to natural cooling


"There's no point in implementing biodynamics if the winery doesn't respect environmental issues".

Electrical independence

Rainwater harvesting

Spring water catchment

Natural ventilation provided by a Canadian well

Wash water recovery

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